Lehel Babos

Product Designer @ IBM.

I use Design Thinking, Sketch, code and everything in between to solve problems, and ship products.

What I do

I'm currently at IBM, tackling design challenges in the data visualization and analytics space, working with a large and diverse team of designers, researchers, engineers and PMs across 3 different locales.

Beyond production work

I'm passionate about my craft, but I believe good design doesn't happen in a vacuum.

A design isn't evaluarted by what's on our artboards and sticky notes. It's evaluated by the quality of the solutions and experiences we end up delivering to our users – and delivering products is a team sport.

One of the most challenging but rewarding aspects of my work is being a conduit between design, engineering and business strategy. Helping other designers improve their craft, and making design accessible to those new to it.

I think a lot about crafting effective design systems that work for both designers and developers, personal and team process, and how to build and maintain a healthy team culture. Sometimes I write about it on Medium.

Other pursuits

When I'm not pushing code, pixels or sticky notes, I'm usually eating and drinking my way across the city one cocktail bar and noodle shop at a time. (Or failing comically at speaking the local language of whatever place I happen to be visiting at the time). Curious? Check out my instagram.